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In this episode, we speak with Nir Meganzi and Lynette Winter – two of Intel’s (Fortune 500) leadership coaches. In late 2018 Lynette and Nir, two senior leadership coaches with extensive experience, were recruited by Intel’s senior management to envision and create a leadership coaching program to invest in the company’s managers. For those unfamiliar with Intel, it’s the world’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturer, ranked No. 45 in the Fortune 500 list of the largest US corporations. What do Nir and Lynette do? They coach Intel’s managers, helping them lead through empathy and become the type of leaders that people want to follow.
In this episode with talk with Nir Megnazi about the importance of listening and how we as leaders can better our listening skills.
1. There are 4 questions you can always answer to understand your next steps – who are your customers/clients – how do they define success – what is their biggest challenge – how can you help them 2. Caring is the one behavior that will guide you through decision making. Care for your customer and your team and all answers will result from it 3. Your role as a new manager or team leader is not just to generate results. It is first to build a team that can generate results with quality, quantity and consistency over a long period of time.