develop your leadership

emotional resilience

to go through a new role transition, frequent changes, stress and overwhelm

Does any one of the following apply to you?

  • You’re overwhelmed with your leadership role.
  • You feel stressed and feel you’re barely able to get things done.
  • You can’t say No to your boss.
  • You feel burnt out and not happy with your job.
  • You feel lonely and don’t have anyone to share your leadership challenges with.
  • You don’t speak up in meetings.
  • You avoid conflict at all costs or engage in too much conflict.
  • You trust very few people at work.
If you answered YES to one of the situations above – I can help.

About Nir

“We hire engineers and people show up”.  Nir believes that the manager’s role is a highly complex one. As engineers, we rely on our knowledge and innovation in technology. We use our learned skills to solve tough technology challenges.  As managers and leaders, this is not enough.

Managers and leaders work through others. Nir believes that the key to your success is in how you lead, how you respond to different situations. The key to leading and influencing people is inside of you.

Nir supports senior managers, directors, and executives to discover what holds them back. He helps leaders ground their leadership presence and respond to tough situations vs. react uncontrollably.

Nir was an engineering manager for over a decade and is now a professional coach (PCC) at a Fortune 50 company – Intel Corporation.