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Management is a lonely role.

We are asked to get results, develop our teams, meet milestones, manage customers, do our technical work. Most of the tasks involve getting results through others. The expectations are high, and the required skills are complicated. We built this blog to help managers succeed. We share with you tools and strategies  we tried ourselves and found useful so you can navigate your day to day challenges.  We know that being a good manager is not enough for you. You have so much more potential. Our goal is to help you grow into the leader you want to become. Subscribe to our blog and get insights, tools, and ideas on how to improve your leadership skills straight to your inbox.

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About Us

Nir Megnazi

Nir is a certified leadership coach at Intel Corp and a speaker. He's been an engineering manager for over 13 years and served as an officer in the Israeli Defense Forces for over 20 years. Nir is passionate about manager development. His premise is: "The manager's role is to get results by building and growing a powerful team!"
Nir is married, has 4 boys and trains in Martial Arts.

Iredamola "Dammy" Olopade

Dammy is a Principal Engineer who cares deeply about helping people become their best selves. Relationships are a key-value to him, reflected in his faith, family, and friendships. Married to Taiwo, an ASL interpreter, and father to 2 college-age ladies, having survived teenage years with minimal drama. Dammy has over 20 years of experience in the high-tech industry and is a well sought-after mentor and coach.

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