When employees ask for a coach, this is what they really want.

Must managers learn to coach? As part of my role as a leadership coach and a manager, I read a lot of studies. Every time I read a phrase about how managers should learn how to coach, I shake my head. The reason I disagree is not that I don’t find coaching helpful, I wouldn’t […]

How to respond when your boss expects the impossible

“We just got a new project assigned to our team. You have four weeks to complete it. Oh, and there is no change to previous projects priority and deadlines” – True story. Do you remember a situation were your manager asked you to do the impossible? Impossible means there is no way you will be […]

How a simple process set my new team to a great start

You’re promoted to be a manager and get to lead your first team! Congratulations! Or maybe you already manage, but a re-org just happened, and you have a new team now! Bottom line – you have a new team and new goals — either way, you need to take action.  Start with WHY Why? When […]